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UBL Day 2007

First italian workshop dedicated to UBL
Rome, October 25th, 2007

The Italian Workshop addressed to UBL (Universal Business Language) is organisaed by the UBL Italian Localisation SubCommittee in OASIS (ITLSC) in collaboration with ENEA and Forum per la Tecnologia dellInformazione (FTI).

UBL represents the outcome of more than 9 years of continuos development of a standard XML syntax for the eBusiness; it is royalty free and is the result of an International joint effort leaded by OASIS OPEN in collaboration with other standardisation organisations like UN/CEFACT.

The Workshop aims to promote the awareness on these international activities of standardisation and to open a discussion about the perspectives of application in the eBusiness and eGovernment sectors, involving the players in the fields of research, products and technology demand and offer, both from public and private organisations.

The participation to the Workshop is free but a pre-registration is needed .

Place: ENEA, Lungotevere Thaon di Revel, 76, Roma

How to reach the workshop: http://www.enea.it/com/web/stradasede.html

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DOC - Press release (29 October 2007)
DOC - Press release (September 2007)
DOC - Note about the contents of UBL Day 2007
DOC - Why UBL? DI502-003
Breve relazione che spiega perch interessarsi a UBL (msword, 2833408 bytes, v2, 14/9/2007)
DOC - UBL DAY 2007 presentation (Italian) DI502-004
Presentazione ubl-day 25 ottobre 2007 (msword, 2840576 bytes, v5, 14/9/2007)
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